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Beware sun-eating dragons

July 24, 2009

As the day of the solar eclipse drew nearer, I started to pay attention to the weather forecasts, which were uniformly pessimistic.   And we awoke that morning to rain lashing at the windows, and crashing thunder.

So we made our preparations that morning without urgency or excitement as we stared up at the blanket of thick cloud, unsure even where in the sky the sun was.  Everything was grey.

But as the hour drew nearer, the cloud thinned ever so slightly, enabling us to say with a degree of scientific certainty that the sun was “probably somewhere over there”, pointing vaguely to the lighter grey patches of the sky.

We hadn’t bothered making enquiries about ‘eclipse glasses’ and I hadn’t prepared any photo filters.

But at the appointed moment, the clouds thinned a bit more and filtered through this view, and within ten seconds, it was gone again.

Black hole sun

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