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Agriculture Ministers: Gotta collect ’em all!

September 19, 2008

And so we say farewell to yet another Minister of Agriculture.  It’s often said there’s a revolving door at the Min of Ag., and it’s really been on a spin recently.

The Shinzo Abe administration saw 3 Ministers.  You wouldn’t have thought there was time, but surely there was.  Toshikatsu Matsuoka, who committed suicide in May of last year, was succeeded by Norihiko Akagi.  He lasted all of 60 days but you’ll remember him as the chap who turned up at a press conference with an unshaven and bandaged face, looking like he’d taken the wrong route home.

Masatoshi Wakabayashi then warmed the Ministry seat for about three weeks before Takehiko Endo took over officially.  Mr Endo then made Akagi look like a stayer by resigning after a mere 8 days in office.  Mr Wakabayashi was called back for his second stint in a fortnight.

Seiichi Ota took over the reins at the beginning of August.  And today he’s decided to take responsibility (as is the ministerly tradition) for the tainted rice scandal by buggering off and doing nothing at all to help clear up the mess.  Very noble, I’m sure.

That’s 6 ministers in 16 months if you’ve lost count.  At this rate, within a few years, we’ll all get a go at being the Agriculture Minister.

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