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A full nest

May 18, 2008

If not your watch, then you could at least set your calendar by them. The swallow’s nest outside the front door of our shop has been the noisy centre of attention again for the last fortnight.

And not only for the occupants, but also for most passers-by. As soon as people walking by hear the squeaking youngsters, or equally likely, have an adult fly centimetres past their head as they swoop nest-ward, they look up, and smile. Everyone smiles.

If you were reading this time last year, you might remember the spring clutch in this nest was a threesome, to be followed later in the summer by five more.

This year though, the swallows have excelled themselves.

The Mob

There’s not much room in there, and it was rare that no one was being sat on. As the clutch grew, they eventually burst the nest quite literally. There was drama one evening last week when our neighbour found two of the youngsters on the path under the nest, not quite sure what to do with themselves, and as I found out later on, quite unable to take off because of being on the ground (tail’s too long, stops them being able to take off, hence they choose their landing spots carefully). Fortunately they were only a day away from fledging anyway, so once they’d been helped back into the nest, all was well.

Unfair advantage

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  1. remora permalink
    May 19, 2008 6:08 pm

    well time has really gone by fast (not flown, this is a serious comment) hasn’t it ?- they are back again!.

    it would be really interesting to photoshop part of that second photograph into a photo of a pie – as in “sing a song of sixpence”.

    great work


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