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Monkey business

May 3, 2008

We don’t usually travel too much during Golden Week, but we hit the road this week (on a non-holiday) with a trip to Oita. Part of our trip was to Umitamago (lit. “sea egg” – it’s the name of the aquarium there). Pictures coming soon.

The latter half of the day was spent on the sunny slopes of Mount Takasaki, famous for its colony of 1500 monkeys. Tourists can venture as far as the old temple partway up the hill (monorail available for those who’ve already put in some hard tourist hours!).

The colony is actually split into three groups of roughly the same size, and the groups come down to the tourist accessible area (because it’s also their feeding area) at different times of the day, for a few hours.

And while there, they spend their time grooming, playing, and sleeping.

Up on the roof

The thinker


MORE pics from that trip available here.

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