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What a dilemma

May 2, 2008

Yes, I got up at three thirty yesterday morning. It was pouring with rain, which continued throughout the day. Which was about right.

Many had said before the Champions League semi-final, “Would it be harsher to lose to Chelsea in the semi, or to Man Utd in the final?” Man Utd in the final, without a second thought. And that’s about the only vaguely positive-ish thought I can muster.

And what’s more, now I have to come to terms with the fact that either Chelsea or Man Utd are going to win the European Cup. Obviously I can’t support either of them. Or wish any goodwill on them whatsoever. I shall just have to hold on to the dream that it’ll be cancelled before the final gets played.

I can perhaps deal with Utd being European Champions, because I’ve dealt with it before. But Roman Abramovich will be dying to take his team home to Russia and beat the mighty Man Utd in front of his countrymen. And nobody really wants to see that.

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