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Confused Machimura ‘defends’ capital punishment

April 15, 2008

Whatever your views are on capital punishment, I would imagine they’re a little clearer than those of Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Nobutaka Machimura.

In a press conference yesterday, Machimura was asked “whether he thinks the execution of death row inmates, which totals 10 under Justice Minister Kunio Hatoyama, goes against international calls for a moratorium on executions.”

Machimura effectively pooh-poohed international influence and rolled out the “That is a domestic matter” excuse so beloved of Chinese policitians, saying it was “up to each country to decide on its capital punishment system based on domestic circumstances.”

But he went on to say (regarding the recent increase in judges handing down death sentences), ‘‘Atrocious crimes are increasing to a great extent and I believe the death penalty has the implication of serving as a kind of deterrent.’’

So… you’re saying,
death penalty = effective deterrent
atrocious crimes = increasing sharply
are you?

Quick, call the Logic Ambulance, there’s been an accident!

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