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The Andrew Symonds Fan Club

March 9, 2008

I’ve been an admirer of hard-hitting Andrew Symonds since his days at Kent County cricket club. Not much more entertaining that watching a Symonds batting onslaught when he’s on your side.

And it’s not just the ball he hits hard.

The innocent look on his face afterwards! What a legend.

And quite rightly, the authorities have decided no action will be taken against Symonds. Moreover, the streaker, Robert Ogilvie, has been fined AU$1,500 for “interfering with a sporting event”.

Following his court appearance, Ogilvie told journalists: “It was great actually, just like playing [Aussie Rules] football.”

Magistrates were told he had been drinking with his brother and friends when he decided to take off his clothes and run onto the outfield.

Ogilivie said he would not streak again but had no regrets about the incident, adding: “You only live once, don’t you?”

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  1. remora permalink
    March 10, 2008 10:50 am

    yes, and its a pity that he hasn’t done the same to several Pakistani players who shall remain unmentioned.

  2. Rahul permalink
    February 20, 2011 2:25 am

    I’m an Indian and a huge fan of Symonds. There are plenty of us here in India who appreciate how destructive he can be. In fact, I think he was an all round modern great in the making till he started having problems with his discipline. By the way, too all Australians who think Harbhajan racially abused Andrew, there is a mildly offensive Indian slang phrase ‘Tere Maanki” with a meaning akin to “Your Mother’s____”. It drops out of most Indians’ mouths casually in conversation. What makes me even more certain that that is the phrase Bhajji used is the fact that he comes from the community in India probably most likely to blurt it out subconsciously.

    I myself quite don’t like bully organzations like the BCCI. And I think Harbhajan needs to grow up, I think it was just an unfortunate coincidence that the remark happened to fall on the only person of African origin in the Australian team.

    God Bless Australia. And God Bless India.

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